Een actueel overzicht van werkzaamheden/projecten is te vinden in het profiel.

Commissioned by Pro Motion Pictures Helpermedia finished the site and solved open issues. The site offers companies and successors to connect via profiles and search possibilities. is an independent partner for safety issues regarding labor. supports companies with the start, implementing and maintaining safety policiy. Helpermedia migrated the existing site to Drupal and added functions for backoffice for editing the content of the site.

Helpermedia contributed to the following sites:

Functional design  (commisioned by theFactor.e)



Abovo sites

Helpermedia developed the website for the project office Driezesnul. Driezesnul offers solutions for interactive web communication. 

The site offers:

  • Overview projects
  • Overview employees
  • Movies (embedded Vimeo)

The design is created by Driezesnul.

Commissioned by project office Driezesnul Helpermedia developed the Euregio Spring Classic site. The Euregio Spring Classic is a car tour with cars build before 1985. The tour visits the beautiful setting of the German Eifel, Belgian Ardennes and the Dutch landscape.

The site offers:

  • Multiple languages (French, German and Dutch)
  • Attendees can register via the site
  • Personalized teaser
  • Overview of the attendees


Helpermedia is a one-man business founded in 2007. Helpermedia is called after the surrounding neighborhood where many streets, gardens and squares start with "Helper". The name is also suiting because Helpermedia helps to implement modern media.