Een actueel overzicht van werkzaamheden/projecten is te vinden in het profiel.

Helpermedia developed a website for woodcarver T.T.Top. Tico Top also carries out sculpture, marquetery, veneer, French polish and restores antique furniture.

The site contains:

  • Photo galleries
  • Movies
  • Slideshow

Also the design is done by Helpermedia

For the "Hogeschool Zuyd" a site for PABO students (bachelor of education) commissioned by project office Driezesnul is developed by Helpermedia which contains:

  • Comprehensive calendar functions (similar to Google calendar)
  • Movies
  • Tasks
  • Skills

The International Society for Microbial Ecology (ISME) is the principle scientific society for the burgeoning field of Microbial Ecology and its related disciplines. ISME fosters the exchange of scientific information by organizing international symposia as well as specific workshops, sponsoring publications, and promoting education and research. ISME provides services to the scientific as well as the wider community. 



Duodecime is a choir that consists of 12 men led by conductor Wim Bos. In Italian Duodecime means 12, this is used in the design of the site.

This site offers the following functions:

  • General information
  • Agenda
  • Photo gallery
  • Music fragments
  • Contact
  • Links

Adding en changing content is done by the members of Duodecime.


Helpermedia is a one-man business founded in 2007. Helpermedia is called after the surrounding neighborhood where many streets, gardens and squares start with "Helper". The name is also suiting because Helpermedia helps to implement modern media.